(Club assumes no responsibility for any fines or fees you incur for infractions)


All yearly membership dues ($50) must be paid in order to be eligible for voting, $10 of the $50 is designated for Lunker of the year. Any new members must have all dues and tournament fees paid prior to fishing in any tournament. (This includes Ticket Money, which is due by the date the ticket goes off.)

Alternates are permitted. Any one team per season may use Two (2) specified alternates. These alternates may not be an existing (current year) member of the club. The alternate must have fished in at least one (1) regular season tournament in order to be eligible for use in the ‘Classic’.

Alternates can pay $40 ($10 of $40 for L.O.Y) to fish up to six (6) regular tournaments. After six (6) tournaments the alternate angler will be required to pay the additional $10 and will be considered a regular member.  * At that time, this angler can form a new team or remain with original team.  Said original team will not be eligible for a new alternate.

In order for a team to be eligible to name an alternate, a ‘team’ must be paid in full with two (2) regular members. (2 Adults, 1 Adult & 1 Junior)

Junior membership is available for anglers under 16 years old.  The cost is $40 ($10 of $40 for L.O.Y) for the year.  If junior membership is paid siblings can be interchanged without additional fee.  Any other junior angler under 16 can be substituted without additional fee. * A team cannot consist of 2 adult members, 1 junior member and 2 alternates.

Boat Requirements:

Failure to obtain a boat check prior to fishing will result in disqualification without refund. This is your responsibility. A tournament committee member will provide boat check and ribbon.

All boaters are responsible for any launch fees.

All boats must have suitable aeration systems.

All boats must follow Horsepower Limits set by the state.

All state boating and/or park regulations apply. (Fines incurred are boater’s responsibility)

All participants must park and launch from designated launch.

Tournament Conduct:

Anglers are responsible for being (there early enough to pay and prep boat) prior to launching for any tournament. I.E. you need to pay and launch your boat with enough time prior to start of tournament, to avoid delaying tournament start time and possibly causing unsafe conditions.

A member may fish alone (no partner) but in the event you don’t have a partner the creel limit will be 1/2 of a team’s limit. I.E. – if the limit is 6 fish you may only bring in 3 fish.

Good sportsmanship is required of all members. Infractions of this rule can led to suspension or banning from the club. A decision will be made by club officers as to the length and type of suspension or banning.

No participating boat is allowed in marked areas that do not allow boating or fishing (out of bounds). If caught in these waters by officer or tournament committee, you will be disqualified. A regular club member would need undisputed proof; a boat was past these boundaries, or contact officer or tournament committee member, to verify boat in question is in violation.

Artificial lures only.

No trolling.

One (1) rod per person at any given time.

Smallmouth, Largemouth, and Spotted Bass only.

All state boating and/or park regulations apply.

There will be a .50-pound penalty for each dead fish.

Any angler may keep a trophy, Lunker or citation size fish but the .50-pound penalty will still be assessed.

Tournament Committee or any club officer may inspect any boat prior to launch, after launch or arrival at weigh in.

All decisions based on club rules by the Tournament Committee are final. The officers can overturn a decision that the officers feel go against club rules.

All discrepancies should be voiced prior to the close of the scale, to an Officer or Tournament Committee member. Approach one or gather up appropriate members, go to the side and handle in a respectful manner.

Running of locks is permitted.

Short fish will not be weighed.

Short fish will result in one (1) pound penalty.

Anyone bringing more than six (6) fish to the weigh-in scale will result in a two (2) pound penalty.

Common courtesy requires that any tournament member will be given a fifty (50) yard cushion when trolling motor is down. Look for ribbon tied around trolling motor shaft for tournament participation. Ribbon color will vary form tournament to tournament.

Competitors are responsible for disposing of their own dead fish.

No ‘Courtesy Dinks’ will be allowed.  However, you may compare your ruler to the official ruler.  Fish are measured closed mouth to pinched tail.

All participants must park and launch from designated launch.

Anglers cannot weigh in or measure their own fish without an eyewitness present.

Tournament Committee will announce if launch is to be conducted in waves, by call boat or simply suicide start.

Creel Limits: (Culling)

Creel limits may be adjusted if tournament committee members determine that conditions require the limit to be adjusted.

At no time should a team possess (in the live well, weigh in bag or any combination) more than the designated limit for that days tournament, except for the few minutes it takes to cull.  Any team having more than the designated limit will be penalized 2 lbs.

All culling has to be done on the water, during designated tournament time.

Late Arrivals: (Start and Finish)

If late, anglers must make contact with any club member to have their live well checked and establish their intent to fish or participate in that day’s tournament.  They must give their tournament money to that person upon live well check.

Boats returning late to weigh-in will have a one (1) pound per minute penalty. (Up to 5 minutes). After five (5) minutes that team will be disqualified from that day’s tournament. It will be your responsibility to make sure your timepieces are set and keep accurate time. Any synchronizing needs to take place before tournament start. Time is based off of satellite time (Cell Phone, GPS, etc.)

Lunker of the Year:

Lunker of the year payout is based on $10 per member for that year (The $10 is part of the 50 membership fee).  Fish are only eligible that are caught in a regular season’s tournament. (Fish caught during the Classic are not eligible for L.O.Y.)


Ties in Team of the Year standings will be decided by most first place wins (your best 8 tournaments).  Then heaviest fish in regular tournaments, then longest fish in regular tournaments. In the event you are still tied we will look to classic results to break tie. Weight, then Lunker weight, then Lunker length.

Normal tournament ties will be decided by team’s Lunker weight, then team’s Lunker length. If still tied, money will be split (if tie is in top 3 places) and equal points will be given.

Any tie in the Classic would be determined by the same method as a normal day tournament.

Two Day Tournaments:

Two-day tournaments need to be paid in full on day one, unless you are fishing day two only. You will still need to pay the two-day tournament fee, and would be eligible for 2nd day points. There is a chance that you could place in the top three to qualify for money. Money is paid out as if both days are one tournament. Points are given as if both tournaments were on separate days.


The top 10 teams at the end of the regular season will be eligible to fish in the Classic (no entry fee) based upon their top eight (8) tournament finishes (you do not need eight (8) tournaments to qualify, if you have sufficient points to put you in the top ten with less then 8 tournaments). If any of the top 10 teams are unavailable to fish the day of the Classic. The club will not permit any other teams to participate (i.e.: The 11th place team).

The Classic location will be determined by vote on the Wednesday before the Classic. This vote will consist of one (1) vote per team and the deciding vote will be drawn out of a hat.

Absentee voting will be permitted only if prior arrangements are made with a club officer.

Classic payout:       First – 70%               Second – 20%             Third – 10%

Classic payout is based on $10.00 a boat, from all normal season tournaments. For example, if we have 10 boats at 10 tournaments, the classic fund would be $1000. Payout would be First $700, Second $200, and Third $100. We normally run a side pool for Classic Lunker. Classic Lunker money would be collected the morning of the classic.